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Why do we think differently

Why are thoughts different Have you ever thought about why our thoughts are different than our parents or our grandparents? Why we think the way we think, our how does this statement come into picture yeh log sunte hi nahi, aaj kal sub bache apni manmani karte hai(this generation doesn't listen to anyone, they are their own boss). I had gone to visit one of my relatives in Mumbai. We were just planning a get-together and the ladies of the house ask when are you guys going to be free so we can have lunch or dinner together. The united answer was by all the children between their late 20's was, yes we will meet though not at anyone's place.   We will go out and have food and enjoy our time together. The immediate reply my aunt gave was this is what all the kids say nowadays. So the point is why do we say like this or why do we think like this: Before the 20th century, we were never behind time or money. To say it correctly we were not running behind money in le

Life is full of Questions You just need to find them

Questions Questions and Question. All you hear is questions . Life is just a puzzle where daily you get is challenges, riddles and questions. The question starts from the moment you cry in the hospital your first cry.  The question arises is it a boy or a girl. What is the name have you thought for your child. So the questions start from that moment where that little angel or prince has not even blinked his eyelashes and the list of questions begins. Which school do you study, what is your name what are your marks? You study well or not.  Anyhow you reach your high school were again the question arises is how much did you score, what are your career dreams, which field are you choosing.  You study to complete your graduation again the question arises is did you get a job. Don't worry the next question is in the queue waiting for you to answer. Which company are you working for, what is your CTC? Once all these questions are answered so you feel yes you have won