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Why do we think differently

Why are thoughts different

Have you ever thought about why our thoughts are different than our parents or our grandparents?

Why we think the way we think, our how does this statement come into picture yeh log sunte hi nahi, aaj kal sub bache apni manmani karte hai(this generation doesn't listen to anyone, they are their own boss).

I had gone to visit one of my relatives in Mumbai. We were just planning a get-together and the ladies of the house ask when are you guys going to be free so we can have lunch or dinner together.

The united answer was by all the children between their late 20's was, yes we will meet though not at anyone's place.
We will go out and have food and enjoy our time together.
The immediate reply my aunt gave was this is what all the kids say nowadays.

So the point is why do we say like this or why do we think like this:

Before the 20th century, we were never behind time or money. To say it correctly we were not running behind money in less amount of time. The needs of people during that time were very minimal.
 During those days people were just struggling to live and get their livelihood (Roti,Kapda, Makan) these were enough.

Women were so busy and happy in their daily chores that they never thought about rest, Pizza's or Burgers, not even a movie. 

Their world revolved around their children and family. The men in the house were working or were doing some family business from 09:00 to 6:00 approx. 

The standard working time. It is not that people don't still do that there are people who still do these shift timings.

 Women's world these days still revolve around their families. Things have not fully changed.

 I am able to say this because I am married so these things still happen.

So what has changed:

Women have become independent they have started following and chasing their dreams.

Time management has become a key factor in today's world. 
The men of the family are more involved in many other things. The holiday time is much less than before.

The spare time which you get is wasted on mobile phones, video games or navigating through social sites.

 The work pressures have increased and the deadlines have decreased the family time.

So, the family time has come to a point of extinction, which is converted to 'ME-TIME'.

So, whenever there is a get together at anyone's residence, we don't prepare huge meals with a variety of dishes single-handed with a smile on our face the way our mom's used to do. 

What we do now a day is to hire help, assign a maid or order online.
Though at some places a lady still cooks for the whole army of relatives or friends alone without any help. My mom still does it. What do we say Mom's are superheroes with supernatural powers.

We opt for the above options as these days we don't meet or socialize much we don't want our dear Moms, Wifes or any other lady member of the family being in the kitchen and working hard on a weekend where they also get only one day to rest.

Definitely, there is an option where on weekend only men cook for the whole family or friends. 

Would I suggest that? 

No no, I won't, poor men are also tired after a long week at work. Why not everyone helps in cooking like planning a barbecue or snacks day. Where each family brings some snacks we all go to gardens, enjoy, play games and recall the old childhood days.

How does this sound? I hope I have cleared just one point why we think the way we think.

Keep Smiling
God bless 

Will soon come with another blog till then take care


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