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Birth giving and it's feeling

It’s good news! The pregnancy test stated I am pregnant. Two red lines turned my world upside down. Happiness, tears, and scary moments were there. Loads of questions and panic-filled moments too.  I first made a call to my husband, thank god for technology. I told him to come home; I was expecting. He was on cloud nine! He wanted to dance, celebrate, and shout to the world that he was going to be a dad. Months passed by, and my pregnancy progressed after a few complications. I delivered a healthy happy child. They say you won’t understand the feeling of being a mother unless you become one.  It’s true, I had a c-section. The doctors delivered the baby, they were saying congratulations, you have delivered a healthy child. I was in utter shock, I asked them if it was a boy or a girl. They said it was a boy. I immediately kissed him. Though it never matter ed if the baby was a boy or girl. We both only wanted a healthy baby nothing else. Days passed by since the two little feet ent

Closet for your upcoming months

The choices of clothes will slowly and steadily change. Yes! You won't be now fitting in your fit, body touched clothes. There will be a closet makeover, which definitely you going to enjoy in your 9 months. I had a change from XS to Xxl in my 9 months of pregnancy which was something I never expect. So, when you start shopping for your pregnancy clothes , start with some lose once and those which you are comfortable with. Try with some cotton flowing gowns, lose t-shirts , shorts or they might be just p-j's. Wear something which gives you room to sit freely and comfortably. Lose clothes are ideal for pregnancy which makes you relax comfortable. As months pass by try with - Long flowing dresses Button up shirts Jeans which are made for maternal purpose only Jeggings Kaftans Do invest in good big clothes which make you comfortable and you can wear them as a fashion statement to. Now days there are many stores, shop, online shopping which are dedicated to pregnant ladies do visit

How to be prepared for your big day

Ever worried about what to carry in your hospital bag. How to be prepared for someone you waiting to meet for 9 months. I too had gone through all this stuff. I had so my questions, how would I know if it's time will I be prepared or not. Stop worrying I would suggest because you would just know when the right time is and when you are going to get those crams or if it's just a false alarm. The best part leave it to God and time to decide when is the right time. Let doctors decide, what to do and when what not to do. Cues are many if it's time like water breaking, bleeding, or a cram. I had gone through bleeding. The pain is horrible when I tell you to trust me, it's really horrible. You just want to end your pain and get over with it. Check with your hospital or doctor if they provide clothes for the newborn, sanitary pads and any other stuff they provide, if not do carry the below stuff. Hospital bag preparation - •Hospital file/hospital id card/insurance papers It

Eat for two?

A most common phrase I heard was during my pregnancy was you should eat more as you eating for two. Thanks to my doctors is all I can say. Pre-delivery I was 43 which then changed to 65 in those 9 months. It's an old saying eat for two, what I followed was on my doctor's say of course. Eat to your hunger, let your hunger decide how much you should eat. Have small meals or snacks at small intervals. You don't need extra calories intake, you definitely need extra nutrients in your diet, it doesn't mean adding more calories. Post-delivery I had lost 12 kg in a week all thanks to breastfeeding. When we say we feel like eating sweet or something else it's just your body's way of demanding they are getting short off some vitamins or some other calories. You might feel like eating chalk or mud it's just the body way of asking for more calcium. Take on queues eat and treat yourself with what you feel like eating don't think of your weight gain. Enjoy your beauti

Motherhood-which noone told you about

Those two red lines change your world upside down. Happiness and fear which takes place with total excitement. Just someone doesn't tell you, what all it comes with. Your mother who you feel is very healthy or has so many health issues were just given by you. Which she just accepted it happily and lovingly without complaining about it to you ever. She was as beautiful as now just with maintained body weight without even going to a gym. So pregnancy never tells you nor someone never tells you, your body is never going to be same ever. The wasit which was always cherished and proudly fitted into your skinny jeans won't be able to fit in for 9 months or may be never after that. Sleepless nights deciding to sleep on the left side or right side is what is the struggle on. As the months pass the need to urinate increases,  ever-increasing need to use the washroom. The hormonal changes which are at the highest and strongest point in your whole life are going to make you cry at any poi

Small Talks which can be a better start

Ideas to make them help in the kitchen with vegetables. In a week decide a day they going to clean these vegetables or peel it Tell them we going to use these cleaned vegetables which they cleaned to cook and let everyone know they helped with the cleaning of vegetables. Praise them, children love when they are praised, appreciated, applauded and given attention Pick a game such as counting, name the colour, parts of plants, racing, and make them sit. Make them put each vegetable in the container and let them open and close those containers. Children love to play with containers and open and close the lid many times. This will keep them occupied much more time. Let them carry those containers and keep them in the refrigerator or designated place. They enjoy doing these tasks of carrying as well. Give them two containers one is for waste and one is for vegetables. This will improve their analytical skills and sorting activities. Make mistakes and see how they correct you. E

A hand to lend

I remember vaguely my playschool days or my primary school days. We always had a day in a week where we were asked to come in colourful dresses and one of the lectures was cooking or playing with dough or making round puris. We used to love that day of the week because we were made to do stuff that was out of our study schedule.We we're asked not to bring our tiffin box col it school and have that food for lunch. I never had thought why was this play and learn were included in our weekly schedule during my school days. So the question arises how did we help to cook and how did these activities were meant to improve our fine motor skills - We were given the following vegetables to peel or cut every week. Note : These activities are supposed to be done only when an adult is supervising and is accompanied by the toddler. There might be chances of toddler swallowing or hurting themselves while doing it. Please do these only if you can supervise. These activities are for kid

The first object hold

Importance of fine motor skills We never thought why our grandparents or their parents always kept small infants in a crib  and toys were tied to the crib. Those toys were tied at a place where the baby could see it, basically on the side or  above the baby’s head. This basically improved their sight. Seeing basically meant, improving their vision, and trying  to move their heads side by side looking at the toy which is making sound and thinking from  where is the sound coming?  The toys which were tied with the sound on the crib had long strings infants tried kicking,  catching those colorful strings. These moments were basically are hand-eye coordination moments a big milestone that  infants take. When the babies are small we always have toys that they can easily grab to improve their  hand-eye coordination. The development of fine motor starts from a very small age around, 1 or 2 months. The full development of their fine motor skills to come to ou

Travelling Magic Bag

Travelling with a baby is always a concern even if it is a small distance journey.  I was living in a nuclear family so I mostly travelled alone for a small distance. I always preferred a shoulder bag and a baby carrier. This would leave my hands free and allow me to carry other stuff. Easy travelling tips bag contains Two dresses 3 to 4 diapers Table cloth or changing cloth used while changing a diaper Burp cloth His favourite toy A waste carry bag to carry wet clothes or dirty diapers The baby above than 7 months of age a sipper  A baby quilt If infant baby wrapper Baby wipes Baby rash cream Baby powder Baby napkins if in case you.. spill something  Sanitizer Travelling for a long distance, double the diapers and the extra pair of dresses. I always had to travel with my baby on the train for 14 hours journey. Balloons are the best option to take while travelling for long hours. Small glass, a spoon to feed something S

And The Stomach Grunts Again🙄🤔

Is breastfeeding making you more hungry and thirsty all the time?  Always thinking what should you eat next? Breastfeeding has all sorts of benefits for both mom and the baby. Breast milk is very nutritious and contains most of the nutrients your baby needs for the first 6 months.  Breastfeeding burns more fats than any other exercise could. Therefore, your needs for most nutrients are increased in order to meet this demand. Do eat, don't think about your body shape or post-pregnancy weight. It will shred when the time comes. Post-pregnancy, the nights are always long and the day quite a bit sleepy. So, if you are awake the whole night feeding your baby, you definitely must be feeling hungry and thirsty most of the time. It is incredibly important to eat healthy while breastfeeding. Healthy eating will also give you the energy you need to take care of yourself and your baby. You also have an increased need for most nutrients, so it's very important to

It is so Yummy !

Why is my baby putting hands in his mouth and you feel he is again hungry  or is he teething? I had the same worries and similar question. Try and remove their hands from their mouth and see what look do you get and see how loud they can cry. All the babies put their fingers, fist in their mouth for many reasons though the reasons may vary for different babies. Around the age of 3 months until 1-year babies go through many developmental changes and growth spurt. Meet many other milestones, so to soothe them this is one of the best available thing they find besides breastfeeding. So putting a hand in the mouth or sucking on fingers soothes them. Putting a hand in the mouth doesn't always mean they are hungry or the babies are teething. They are learning hand and mouth coordination, which will later help them in self-feeding. They are exploring their body. So this should be like in their little world I feel -Oh wow!I have hands yippee. Oh wow! I can put my hands in th

Introducing fruits and vegetables to Infants

Introduce food and fruits between 6 months to 1 year. At one point in time, you have to start solids you can't just go on with breastfeeding forever. The nutrition which is required after 6 months of age the kid starts to get it from the solid foods that include all various fruits, vegetables, cereals, grains, etc. The ideal age to start solid is after 6 months. I too started solid when my kid completed 6 months. He had started sitting on his own and had started crawling, so introducing different textures of food was very easy for me.  How do we introduce fruits and vegetables to infants?  A new mother always has a question, how do we start solids and introduce new fruits land vegetables to them. Without the fear of they chocking on the food or vegetables or fruits. The product I used to introduce fruits and boiled or raw vegetables was the  Fruit and Food Nibbler. Not that I didn't use other utensils, I too used a bowl, a small spoon to introduce other so

This too shall pass.Enjoy your moments

This too shall pass To all the new mom's out there big hug and a big and congratulations. Welcome to motherhood, happy parenting. Been there done that, is where I begin. To the moms who are awake at night, await this shall pass too pass. To the moms out there whose kid is in pain and crying and you don't know for what this too shall pass. To the moms out there whose kid is behind some milestones, the worry would end soon. This too shall pass.  To the moms out there who are worried about your weight gain don't worry you would lose some weight. This too shall pass. To the mom out there whose kids are trying to keep with the academics, this too shall pass. So, to all the mother's out there don't stress, you won't even know when your infants turned into toddler's, preschoolers, schooler's, and college-going students and you are seeing them graduate and move to some cities or country. It's ok to worry but don't forget to enjoy their childhood, celebra

Teething just not a phase

Teething    Parenthood and being a mother is a feeling you can't express unless you experience it. This is a journey you love it and cherish it till you can remember. Though there are many milestones in a baby's life. Teething is a speed breaker for both parents and baby. Its a tough and rough patch where you can't do much just wait for it to pass on. Teething a phase that is painful for a baby /toddler and painful for parents as well. Your baby is teething how would you know?  There are some ques you start looking for: Drooling Putting all the stuff they find in their mouth Diarrhea Vomiting Fever Red gums Crying Banging of head-on surface to soothe the pain Biting  Sleep regression etc. This is a phase we wish we could do something because the babies cry and are clingy. We wish we could just take away the pain. My kid started teething when he was about to turn 1 year old and he used to always get fever due to teething. He used

It Went Horribly Right

Is this not worry for all the parents, especially mothers when my kid will be potty trained.  Trust me I was also going through the same. Daycare centers being closed and no maids being around that was the only thought I had. My kid turned two and the only thing I wanted was to stop his diaper and make him talk or say at least a few more words. I was worried sick about the same, with loads of questions: am I doing whatever is required, am I a good mother, really don’t know what all did I think. My poor husband was at the receiving end of these thoughts, worries, and all. My mom tells me my potty training was full of cries and howling as I was scared I would fall and get flush in water. I know gross, how can someone think like this. Believe me, when I say the 2 years old is very creative I would say the toddlers /preschoolers’ minds are very creative. I didn’t want the same with my kid. One morning I thought at least to start with potty training and toil

Lockdown:Father -Son bonding

This pandemic might be tough for parents and caregivers due to lots of reasons, managing household, children, office and whatnot. Living in a metro city doesn’t give you much time with your family. Working parents are not able to give much time to their kids or themselves. So this lockdown is considered as a boon even after so many cons and other days to day challenges. We look at it with the eyes of a father. They are able to take care and look at the progress of their child, achieving milestones etc. The phrases we hear from them is acha use ye bhi atta hai(he knows this as well), he knows this Woowww!! He just said papa or he just took his first step towards me. So many awe moments and their bonding I have seen. My son worships his dad, he follows him everywhere in the entire house. As a mother I have stepped down one step, just to see them bonding, loving, caring for each other.  Not that we have not faced many problems, not that this pandemic has not given us challenges, but the d

Mom's get in touch with a friend . Enjoy your me time.

Tired, sleepy, messy hair and loads of household work to do in your bucket list. The two little feet which entered your life shifted your attention span to so many things instead of career,  your looks, what you want to wear or what your mood is today. Moving away to a different city without any job in hand after marriage is always difficult, because you leave your family, your job, your comfort zone which was there for almost 28 years and most importantly your best friend. A person who knows you as she knows her back of her hand. The look on your face says it all to her, the eye speaking conversion, the horrible jokes, pulling each other's leg and what not. The wish of bucket list which we share, the stargazing, our silent conversion, being comfortable  with just the silence around us, the moon watching, long walks you miss everything in this new city. Still, you maintain the long-distance relationship, you still chat and miss each other for all the good thi