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Teething just not a phase

 Parenthood and being a mother is a feeling you can't express unless you experience it. This is a journey you love it and cherish it till you can remember.
Though there are many milestones in a baby's life. Teething is a speed breaker for both parents and baby. Its a tough and rough patch where you can't do much just wait for it to pass on.
Teething a phase that is painful for a baby /toddler and painful for parents as well. Your baby is teething how would you know? 
There are some ques you start looking for:
  • Drooling
  • Putting all the stuff they find in their mouth
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Red gums
  • Crying
  • Banging of head-on surface to soothe the pain
  • Biting 
  • Sleep regression etc.
This is a phase we wish we could do something because the babies cry and are clingy. We wish we could just take away the pain.
My kid started teething when he was about to turn 1 year old and he used to always get fever due to teething. He used to bang his head on walls during those teething periods. 
What I learned -giving them something they can chew on or soothe their gums is quite a relief for us and them as well.
Things you can give them while teething are-
  • Teethers (mentioned the teether is used below with the link)
  • Cold carrots which they can grip and chew on 
  • Cucumber 🥒 (cut them into the long thin piece so they can hold on and don't swallow)
  • Roti (same cut them into long pieces) (Millets)
  • Anjeer (dry fruits) (dried fig)
  • Tomatoes (cut into long pieces)
  • Beetroot
  • Spinach leaves washed (boiled)
  • French bean's
The food mentioned above were used by me with my kid, as he started teething around at  11 months and was walking, sitting, crawling. 
So with my experience, I was aware he won't be choking on the above food items. 
We as mothers are blessed always with an instinct when my baby is going to choke on the given item. So, I started with all the food items basically Indian food like roti, rice, dal, and one vegetable from the age of around 8 months so I knew his swallowing and chewing techniques and was aware of how good he was at chewing stuff.
Teething is a difficult phase we just want this phase to go as smoothly as possible. Being a mom I wanted my kid to chew on something which had some nutritional value.
I was ok with teether's still, there are still chances of them chewing it so much that they might swallow all the inside content.
I started using these food items as teethers. I slowly introduced them to him one at a time.
Because even I was scared he might be allergic or he might swallow it.
Because listening and reading scary stories as we Google a lot so wanted to take small baby steps.
I used to place the food I wanted to introduce in front of him and let him grab it and start chewing it.
These babies are quite smart,  he used to suck all the juices of food items and then throw it away.
So my food teether's were successful with my baby.
Happy Parenting. Take care.


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