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Motherhood-which noone told you about

Those two red lines change your world upside down.
Happiness and fear which takes place with total excitement.
Just someone doesn't tell you, what all it comes with.
Your mother who you feel is very healthy or has so many health issues were just given by you. Which she just accepted it happily and lovingly without complaining about it to you ever.
She was as beautiful as now just with maintained body weight without even going to a gym.
So pregnancy never tells you nor someone never tells you, your body is never going to be same ever.
The wasit which was always cherished and proudly fitted into your skinny jeans won't be able to fit in for 9 months or may be never after that.
Sleepless nights deciding to sleep on the left side or right side is what is the struggle on.
As the months pass the need to urinate increases,  ever-increasing need to use the washroom.
The hormonal changes which are at the highest and strongest point in your whole life are going to make you cry at any point.
I remember I used to feel like crying for small issues or anything whatever came up.
The body which stresses you to fit inside a whole baby goes through many things emotionally to physically.
 So, pregnancy is a roller coaster which decides to ride with many happy moments to many life-changing moments.
The changes which take place around you are drastic.
The attire change to habitual change.
When is say attire change I mean your foot size too.
I had to buy my new pairs of footwear too that was something I enjoyed though.
I had gone through breathless during those initial days of my pregnancy with cold and cough.
A certain smell which makes you nausea for entirely 2 to 3 months. 
The ever need to throw up which was an add on with cold and cough.
You are not able to sneeze or laugh without getting a cramp in your abdomen.
 The leg pain because of your increasing weight is going to tire your two feet, which might be something to be discussed with your doctor, they might check for varicose veins.
So, whenever you think your mommy is gaining on weight, or she is now going through an emotional state or hormonal challenges it's all because you were supposed to come in this world.
Thank her that's all you can do and one more thing you can do is not tell her she has gained on some weight or she was so thin before.
The ever need to urinate didn't go away for them even after so many years.The sneez or cough always gave them urinating feeling there were no kennel exercise or any pelvic exercises. 
During those times nor there was someone who taught them how to do it, which could tighten up their pelvic muscles.
We girls understand the pain of womanhood only when we start with our periods, the womanhood completes us after we welcome motherhood.
Motherhood is something life gives us with a pinch of salts and lemons I might say which is understood with 9months pregnancy challenges, hormonal changes, the labour pain, the post-delivery changes which is nothing but a whole package of motherhood.
The long delivery hours, pushing a living human being out of you is not an easy job which no one will tell because you will understand that only if you go through it.
Let the delivery be normal or a c-section it comes with its own challenges.
The back pain or the stitches pain will last till 4 to 6 weeks or much more.
My doctor had told my husband the delivery pain is the highest threshold of pain the body ever go through which is inbearable.
In my case my sticheses were paining for completely 3 months which made it so difficult to sit or sneeze or cough.
The sleepless nights and the baby stuck to you for hours, it's something you are never told about.
The stomach pain which you get post-delivery is so much more, as all the internal parts are getting back to their original place which were pushed back to give space to the little bundle of joy.
The uterus is getting back to normal and shrinking back in it's original size.
Top of all this you bleed for entirely 3 months.
Things don't end here your diet and choice of living is restricted till you feed.
The food you are given to increase your supply meet your baby's hunger need is the most tasteless and sour food you would ever chose to eat.
 If you ever feel like expressing to someone how difficult or lovely motherhood is telling the people around you just to help their mothers, wife or pregnant wife emotionally. 
Because this 9 months and after that the body takes around 3 to 6 months to come back to normal and the hormones to settle down.
We always google how the foteus is growing and how is it going to grow in 9 months but we never search the challenges face during pregnancy or post delivery. We never think about it nor someone tells us.
 No one ever will tell you what motherhood comes with and it's just a whole package of lots of things put together happy or sad or the most precious one's.


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