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Teaching colors to your kids .How?

Worried about teaching colors to your child, with help of an activity. How? How did my 18months old recognised all colors through all the activities. Introduce colors to children with help of some activities- 👉 Point their toys and tell them bring the pink color ball or the red color ball. 👉 Show and tell -Point and show the things around you ask them what do you see. Describe the colors. ▶️Example - Tell me what do you see ?  Answer -I see the leaves on the tree. What colors are the leaves ? Leaves are green in color. 👉 Flash color cards 👉 Chart papers Repeating the colors again and again in everything you see around you.

Mom!! I can cry for anything and everything

Did my kid cry first three months for feeds? Yes! My kid did cry for the first three months. Small babies, infants cry for many reasons. The only thing which makes your journey easier and less tiring is breastfeeding. Your baby will cry for various reasons- 1. if he/she is hungry 2. overtired 3. over stimulated 4. Just needs to be held 5. Needs a little of your warmth, care 6. Colic  And many more reasons the babies cry. The earth is a new place for them, the only thing which is known to them is your voice. Staying in a cushion for 9 months and coming out of it is very exhausting. In a dark place with a vacuum sound, the sound rhythm of your heartbeats is all they have heard. This is the reason when you pick up your baby and keep it close to your heart they calm down immediately. This gesture soothes them. One passing of urine/ potty, empty their stomach. This is what my mom told me. And, they are hungry again. The feed demand is again started. The kid just needs warmth, he will keep f

He Cried and I was smiling

Yes! The day has arrived; The wait is over. The 9 month of patience, wait, sleepless twist and turns are going to be awarded. 👉  The strecher passes and the operation theatre is ready. 👉 You are being egarly waited by all your loving family members. 👉 The count down has begin. 👉 Here you are with a small little cry.  👉 Yes ! You are here in this world to become our whole world. 👉 You were crying and I was smiling. 👉 I was in pain, still I was smiling and you were crying. 👉 The pain of the stitches were unbearable to go through, still I was smiling forgetting everything. 👉 I was unable to walk, yet I was smiling. 👉  I couldn't cough, sneeze, move around; still I was smiling and you were crying. 👉 I was in so much pain, could not move or even use the toilet alone. Yet here I was touching your small little fingers, watching your yawn.I was still smiling. Motherhood is unending love which you give and get abdunce in back. With a hug, a toothless smile or a toothless smile. W

Toddler saying thank you and sorry?

The three magical words? Am I talking about I love you or something else, confused right. No, I am not talking about I love you. What I am writing today about is the three magical words which are 1. Please 2. Sorry 3. Thank you Do we expect someone to say these words when the situation arises, if yes do we ourself say it. If yes that's wonderful to hear and understand why you would expect the same. Now my question, is do we expect our children to say these words. Yes we do always expect them to say sorry or thank you or please, time and when required. So, how do we teach them to say those words. These words are magical because they convey empathy which is the only thing which connects emotions with other person. Children learn from what they hear, you don't have to teach them. There are so many instances I have had my foot in my mouth, I forget my toddler is listening to what I am saying. He picks up all those wrong words first. I wonder and promise myself to be more aware abou