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Toddler saying thank you and sorry?

The three magical words?
Am I talking about I love you or something else, confused right.
No, I am not talking about I love you.
What I am writing today about is the three magical words which are
1. Please
2. Sorry
3. Thank you
Do we expect someone to say these words when the situation arises, if yes do we ourself say it.
If yes that's wonderful to hear and understand why you would expect the same.
Now my question, is do we expect our children to say these words.
Yes we do always expect them to say sorry or thank you or please, time and when required.
So, how do we teach them to say those words.
These words are magical because they convey empathy which is the only thing which connects emotions with other person.
Children learn from what they hear, you don't have to teach them.
There are so many instances I have had my foot in my mouth, I forget my toddler is listening to what I am saying.
He picks up all those wrong words first. I wonder and promise myself to be more aware about what I say.
How did I start teaching my kid to say sorry or thank you.
I first started using those words.
When he would come to me or pass me something I would say thank you bacha.
When I hurt him or his toy slips from my hand, the words immediately utter is- I am sorry bacha.
We can only expect our kids to use basic manners if we follow the same.
Our children's childhood is nothing but the rule- 
If you preach you should always follow.
It's not my kids says this words always, still he has started using it at the age of 2 and half years old.
What can I expect more.

Example- He was throwing the ball on the wall, and I was passing by it hurt me.
The first thing he uttered was sorry Muma.
That's all I could have asked for.
2.We were at a hotel, the waiter gave us the menu card ,he uttered was thank you.

Try using these words in day to day activities you will definitely get to hear those words.
They will definitely reciprocate them.


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