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He Cried and I was smiling

Yes! The day has arrived; The wait is over. The 9 month of patience, wait, sleepless twist and turns are going to be awarded. 👉  The strecher passes and the operation theatre is ready. 👉 You are being egarly waited by all your loving family members. 👉 The count down has begin. 👉 Here you are with a small little cry.  👉 Yes ! You are here in this world to become our whole world. 👉 You were crying and I was smiling. 👉 I was in pain, still I was smiling and you were crying. 👉 The pain of the stitches were unbearable to go through, still I was smiling forgetting everything. 👉 I was unable to walk, yet I was smiling. 👉  I couldn't cough, sneeze, move around; still I was smiling and you were crying. 👉 I was in so much pain, could not move or even use the toilet alone. Yet here I was touching your small little fingers, watching your yawn.I was still smiling. Motherhood is unending love which you give and get abdunce in back. With a hug, a toothless smile or a toothless smile. W